Medication Administration And User Friendly Technology!
On March 1, 2024 Community Living-Fort Erie launched the Electronic Medication Administration System (eMARS) project.
The digital eMARS system will streamline the medication administration process within our Residential programs. This system will reduce paperwork and manual data entry for Direct Support Professionals, thus, saving time, improving medication administration, enhancing medication safety and providing real-time medication documentation.
Thanks to approved funding from the United Way Special Projects Fund and the Niagara Community Foundation Community Grant we received $20,000.00 to purchase sixteen tablets and protective cases.
Sandy Leemet, Executive Director stated that “Ultimately, the expected outcome of this project is an enhanced quality of care for residents.  Thanks to the support of our funders we will be able to utilize technology to manage medication administration so that we can optimize our processes and devote more attention to individualized care and support!”
Funding from the United Way Niagara and the Niagara Community Foundation permitted us to provide specialized training to our staff which will empower them to perform their duties more efficiently and confidently.
“The program is very user friendly and this technology will allow us to spend more time with the people we support. It will also help us to generate reports that will assist us with advocating and increased communication when supporting with medical appointments.” – Michael Longval, Direct Support Professional. 

Training took place over several days in January with small groups to ensure that the staff got a feel for the program and could ask questions. Staff were excited with moving forward and using additional technology to support people who live in Community Living – Fort Erie homes.

Have you applied for the Inclusive Opportunity Grant?

Due to the hard work of the Community Living-Fort Erie fundraising volunteers, funds have been made available to the people we support who meet granting criteria.

The Inclusive Opportunity Grant is now available to ALL ages!!
We look forward to assisting all individuals that we support to meet their goal of community inclusion through this grant!!
Application Criteria: 

1.) The Applicant must be receiving service from Community Living-Fort Erie at the time of application.
2.) The request must promote inclusive opportunities for the applicant.
3.) The applicant must be working towards a specific goal of community inclusion that requires the assistance of this funding to achieve it.
Maximum of $500.00 per person per year.
This Grant is available to access throughout the year as activities and inclusive opportunities arise. It is not necessary to apply for the maximum amount upon initial application. Funding requests will be accepted throughout the year until available funding is depleted.
This Grant is made possible through raffle proceeds raised at our Annual “Christmas Around The World” Fundraising event. Due to the generous donation of a “Gift of Flight” voucher provided by the WestJet Airport Community Giving Program we raised an additional $6,005.00!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Some of you may have met our Niagara College film crew. Damian, Jonas and Alex are Broadcasting, Radio, Television and Film students from the School of Media Studies!
The students are helping us produce employee and volunteer recruitment videos and will be doing an internship with us until April.
Along with video recruitment opportunities, staff and volunteers have been asked to participate in a “poster” campaign. The posters will be used to highlight Direct Support Professionals through the “When Passion Meets Purpose” campaign and our Volunteers through the “Why I Volunteer” campaign. 

Welcome New Volunteers!

HARMANPREET SINGH Harmanpreet attends Sheridan CCTT. He is looking to volunteer within the organization in many capacities. Volunteering is engrained in his culture. Past volunteer experience includes volunteering at a community kitchen in Punjab. Harmanpreet is looking to become a part of a team, meet new people and make a difference in any way he can. 

DONNA BIGGINS Donna has been a lifelong resident of Fort Erie. She recently joined our fundraising committee as our entertainment chair. Donna has organized the Miss Fort Erie Pageant for 10 years. She has a history of volunteering with seniors and knits Afghans to donate to local hospitals. Donna’s passion is entertainment and event planning.

DHRUVIL SHARMA Dhruvil attends Sheridan CCTT. He has been a part of our community for the past 6 months. He is hoping to volunteer as a Leisure Buddy. He wants to give back to the Fort Erie community in a positive way. Dhruvil comes from many generations of volunteerism, it is “in his blood” to help others. Past volunteer experiences include Red Cross emergency relief.

Thank You For Joining Our Team!!

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