Relationships Matter!

There is no organization that will be able to survive if they try to achieve their mission without establishing partnerships. Partnerships provide resources and relationships that allow our organization to achieve its mission.

Community Living – Fort Erie believes that through the development of partnerships we can make a difference in our community!

  • Partnerships Enhance Our Programs.
  • Partnerships Assist with our Fundraising Efforts!
  • Partners help with volunteer support.
  • Community partners are vital to our long-term capacity.
  • Community Living – Fort Erie urges employers to hire people who have an intellectual disability.

Inclusion… Not Just a Right… The Right Thing to Do.

Hiring people who have a disability is about more than doing the right thing; it’s also good for business. Many Canadians who have a disability also have abilities and skills that are needed in today’s workplace, but are still struggling to find jobs.

Please call us today and learn how you can become a partner!!

Together we can discuss a way to develop a partnership that will benefit our organization and your business!!

Get involved by contacting our Manager of Community Development, Marg Fidler at