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Inspiring Possibilities

Community Living - Fort Erie is a non-profit organization with over 60 years experience providing advocacy for, and support to, individuals who have intellectual challenges, and their families.

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Volunteer at CLFE

Make a difference in your community! Every volunteer position makes a difference in the lives of the people we support.

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Ways to Donate

Your support is important to us. Help us build a stronger community for everyone!

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Welcome to
Community Living - Fort Erie

Our name reflects the growing understanding that all people deserve the opportunity to be fully included in the community. We are passionate about working with the community to strengthen its natural capacity to welcome and support people who have intellectual challenges so that they are included in all aspects of the community life.

Who we are

People supported at a dinner

Our Services

Community Living - Fort Erie offers different residential options to adults with intellectual challenges as well as services that help adults and children to become connected to their community.

How We Help
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Get Involved

Be a part of the Community and get involved! Your support is important to us and there are a number of ways that you can become involved with Community Living - Fort Erie as a member, partner or volunteer.

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Job Opportunities

We believe that our employees and volunteers are our greatest resource. The strength and effectiveness of the Association depends directly upon the contribution made by every employee and volunteer in the Agency.

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Join our team!

Learn more about our hiring process and then head over to the Job Opportunities page to see what careers are currently open.

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