Crystal Ridge Community Church

Community Support promotes full inclusion for adults with intellectual challenges living in the community. We focus on individual responses and assist people to achieve personal outcomes through the development of a person-directed plan. We facilitate the removal of barriers to participation in the community. This may include barriers such as financial, physical or transportation.

Common areas supported through this department:


We can assist people in finding volunteer opportunities within their community.

Recreation and Leisure

We can assist people in finding recreation and leisure opportunities based on their interests.


We can assist people in finding educational services which are of interest to them, and work with educational institutions to ensure appropriate supports are provided.

Employment Supports

We can assist adults with intellectual challenges to identify and achieve their employment goals. We offer support with accessing community employment agencies. We will also partner with such agencies to assist with Job Search, Job Maintenance and On-The-Job Training.

Passport Program

The Passport Program is a program that assists people who have received individualized funding for community participation by providing supports including assisting with developing social and life skills as well as participating in a variety of leisure opportunities in the community.

Together we are making a difference in our Community!

Thank you for your Commitment and Support!