For general inquiries you can contact our main office, or use the list at the bottom of the page to contact a specific department.

Office Hours:

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday
(Closed on Statutory Holidays)

Address & Phone

615 Industrial Drive
Fort Erie, Ontario
L2A 5M4

Phone: 905-871-6770

Fax: 905-871-3339

Use the following list to contact a specific department or person:


Executive Director

Sandra Leemet

905-871-6770 ext. 227

Quality Assurance, Human Resources, IT Development, Operations & Infrastructure

Michelle Della Ventura

905-871-6770 ext. 250

Community Development

Margaret Fidler

905-871-6770 ext. 239

Director of Support Programs

Shari Allen

905-871-6770 ext. 233

Finance Department

Kaye Zanatta

905-871-6770 ext. 226

Residential Services

Jennifer Guarasci

905-871-6770 ext. 228

Residential Services

Sandy Miskolczi

905-871-6770 ext. 236

Community, Family Support and Passport Program

Simon Reeves

905-871-6770 ext. 260

Residential Services

Kristina Phillips

905-871-6770 ext. 223

Kris Huggins
Residential Services

Kristine Huggins

905-871-6770 ext. 222

Individualized Planning, Resource Development, Oversight

Nikki Boon

905-871-6770 ext. 266

Individualized Planning, Resource Development, Oversight

Julie Holmes

905-871-6770 ext. 266


Reception – Office Administrator

Rebecca Haight

905-871-6770 ext. 221

Family Support Case Manager

Andria Willick

905-871-6770 ext. 240

Health and Safety Supervisor

Kelly Forrest

905-871-6770 ext

Human Resources Coordinator

Victoria MacDonnell

905-871-6770 ext. 225

IT Coordinator

Steve Vajda

905-871-6770 ext. 263

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Alkemade

905-871-6770 ext. 264

Finance Assistant

Jen Hric

905-871-6770 ext. 262

Finance Assistant

Sherri Richard

905-871-6770 ext. 224