• Smiling woman wearing a winter hat and hoodie is standing beside a white horse in a stable.
  • Senior man holds up a sign that says: I am part of a volunteer team raising funds
  • Senior man paying for items at an event
  • Young man holds up a sign that says: I have paid employment at TimberMart
  • A young man stands with a senior male, the owner of TimberMart, they are smiling with their arm around each other's shoulder
  • A young man hold up a sign inside a pet store that says: I work at PetValu and I feel valued
  • A young man who works at PetValu stands beside his manager, a woman. They are both smiling.
  • Three men are sitting together and holding signs that say:I am a valued member of the Intercede International Team
  • A woman stands in her kitchen with a sign that reads: I have become independent in my own home
  • A woman makes herself some tea in her kitchen.
  • A senior woman holds a sign outside her home that reads: I reached my goal of living independently

Contact Us

For general inquiries you can contact our main office,
or use the list at the bottom of the page
to contact a specific department.

Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
(Closed on Statutory Holidays)

615 Industrial Drive
Fort Erie, Ontario
L2A 5M4

Phone: 905-871-6770
Fax: 905-871-3339

Use the following list to contact a specific department or person:


Executive Director
Vickie Moreland

905-871-6770, ext. 224

Sandra Leemet Director of Support Programs
Sandra Leemet
905-871-6770, ext. 227
Michelle DellaVentura Quality Assurance, IT Development & Infrastructure
Michelle DellaVentura
905-871-6770, ext. 250
Margaret Fiddler Community Development
Margaret Fidler
905-871-6770, ext. 239
Shari Allen Community and Family Support / Homeshare Program
Shari Allen
905-871-6770, ext. 233
Sandy Miskolczi Residential Services
Sandy Miskolczi
905-871-6770, ext. 236
Residential Services
Simon Reeves
905-871-6770, ext. 260
Residential Services
Kristina Phillips
905-871-6770, ext. 223



Residential Services/Complex Special Needs
Nikki Boon
905-871-6770, ext. 266
Pauline Wilson Staff Scheduling,Training and Health & Safety
Pauline Wilson
905-871-6770, ext. 228


Finance Department
Kaye Zanatta
905-871-6770, ext. 226

Administrative Assistant
Linda Beach
905-871-6770, ext. 225

Reception / Office Administrator
Victoria Boal
905-871-6770, ext. 221

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