Family Support offers support to families who have a child with intellectual challenges (under 18 years of age) living at home. Family Support works within the community to help families connect to services needed; make informed decisions; and to increase awareness.

We offer:

Parent Groups

Offers emotional support and encouragement through parent to parent networking; information on resources; and community services.

Person Directed Planning

The Family Support Case Manager assists the family & the child in setting goals that support the development of the child in all areas.

Transition Planning

The transition plan is a written plan that helps the young person prepare for adulthood and the transition from child-centered services to adult community supports in a coordinated manner. Please follow this link for the TAY Toolkit for families – Mainstream Services

Case Management

Offers information about generic and specialized services and assists with their access. It coordinates the delivery of services to meet the needs of the child and their family.

School Support

Offers support to families with school advocacy issues, including transition from elementary to high school and from high school to vocational alternatives.


Is designed to provide parental relief and promote inclusive community experiences. Support is provided for the child to attend local community camps as well as weekend and after school activities.

Inclusive Camp Programs

For further information on upcoming and ongoing camps, contact Andria Willick at 905-871-6770 Ext. 240.