Years of Volunteer Service

“Now that’s dedication!!”

Congratulations to some very special volunteers!

Without the dedication of volunteers who contribute countless hours and many Years of Service we would not be able to complete many community projects or coordinate successful  fundraising events!

They give their time to be leaders of our organization, “buddy’s”  to the people we serve, and assist our organization to meet our mission of inclusion in many ways.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we were not able to will hold our 2020 Volunteer Appreciation event.

A very special thank you to our 2020 Volunteers who celebrated Years of Service!

Pam Copeland

5 Years of Service

Pam Copeland - 5 Years
Although we are only recognizing Pam for 5 years of volunteer service today, she volunteered frequently as an employee of the agency for over 12 years. After retirement she formally signed on as an organizational volunteer. Pam wanted to stay involved in the lives of the people we support and has found many ways to remain connected. She often assist with rides for people when needed and is always there when people call her for help. Pam is also one of our dedicated cGaming volunteers and she assists at our annual fundraiser. We applaud you Pam as we celebrate your many years of dedicated service to Community Living – Fort Erie.

Dean Demizio

5 Years of Service

Dean Demizio - 5 Years
Being involved in the community where he works and lives has always been important to Dean and his family. Dean has been described as a “family values man that truly cares about his community and the people in it” He has been a committed member of our Board of Directors since June 2015. His dedication and integrity became evident quickly during our initial meetings. Dean’s volunteerism goes beyond being a member of the Board of Directors. He also volunteers in many other capacities within this organization and the community. Dean is always happy to help at fundraising events and supports the organization in any way possible. Thank you Dean for the many contributions you have made through your volunteer leadership.

Marina Parkes

5 Years of Service

Marina Parkes - 5 Years
Marina began with our organization as a Leisure Buddy but it did not take long for us to recognize the many talents she brings as a volunteer team member. Marina joined the volunteer fundraising team and has acted as Chair of Raffles and Bar and Beverage for our Annual Christmas Around the World event. Her organizational and leadership skills make her a very valuable member of this team. Her caring heart and kind and supportive nature have led her to developing a committed “buddy” relationship within our agency. Marina we are very grateful for the many contributions you have made to our organization over the past five years. Thank you for choosing our agency to donate your valuable time!!

Ray Rosettani

5 Years of Service

Ray Rosettani - 5 Years
In June of 2015 Ray became a Member of our Board of Directors. Born and raised in Fort Erie he has been involved in many activities through our community. In 2016 Ray recreated the Fort Erie Corporate Challenge to benefit Community Living – Fort Erie. Ray and the REMAX team contribute many volunteer hours to this event. As a Board Member Ray brings enthusiasm and passion through his leadership. Thank you Ray for making a difference for our organization in so many ways. Your commitment and dedication to the people we support is greatly valued and appreciated! We are extremely grateful to have you as a part of our volunteer team!

Jo-Anne Zucarelli

5 Years of Service

Jo-Anne Zucarelli - 5 Years
Jo-Anne has been an employee of Community Living – Fort Erie for the past 20 years. Jo-Anne has always offered to help in different volunteer roles throughout her career with our organization. She formally took on the role of coordinating volunteers for our Bingo fundraisers in 2015. Jo-Anne works hard to ensure that we always have volunteers at all of our cGaming events. Funds raised from these events assist with transportation costs for our Residential programs. Jo-Anne is always considerate of our organizational volunteers when supporting and scheduling them for assignments. She is easy going, supportive and kind. We truly appreciate the work she has done over the past five years to ensure that our agency can raise funds with help from our amazing volunteers. Thank you for your volunteer years of service!

Debbie Eggleton

10 Years of Service

Debbie Eggleton - 10 Years
Debbie joined our volunteer team in April of 2010. She has always been a valuable community volunteer and has enjoyed helping others in many different capacities over the years! Our volunteer team truly appreciates her creativity and great organizational skills. Debbie has helped our organization raise funds as part of our volunteer fundraising team at our Bingos, BBQ’s, Pasta Nights and our Christmas Around The World events. Debbie is always the first to step forward to help, whether that is raising funds, planting gardens or spending time with the people who receive service. Thank you for all that you do Debbie! You are truly making a difference in the lives of the people we support through your volunteerism.

Pam Coulthurst

15 Years of Service

Pam Coulthurst - 10 Years
Pam leaves our Board of Directors this year after serving two consecutive terms. She has held many positions throughout her volunteer years and we are very grateful for her dedication. As past president her insight and leadership skills were invaluable. She is ALWAYS positive, supportive and caring. Whether acting as a Board Member, Fundraising volunteer or providing one on one support she is a pleasure to have as a part of any team. Pam has always been eager to help out in any way needed throughout her fifteen years of volunteerism and she always goes above and beyond in any role. Pam has been such a wonderful asset to our agency and the people we support. She will be greatly missed! We know that Pam will always stay in touch because after fifteen years of volunteering we know that we have captured her heart……as she has captured ours!!

Robert Majkut

15 Years of Service

Robert Majkut - 10 Years
Bob has been a part of our organization for the past fifteen years. He has served as President and Vice-President on our Board of Directors. Bob joined the Community Living – Fort Erie team with a great passion for our mission. He was always willing to participate on additional committees throughout the years and his opinions have always been respected and valued. As an Executive Board Member Bob has been able to lead and influence others. He is objective and impartial and always effective in engaging other Board Members in thought and discussion. We wanted to celebrate and recognize Bob for the many contributions he has made to our organization throughout his years. Bob has been described as a calm and intelligent gentleman who possesses strong family values and has respect for all. He has made a significant difference for so many people through his dedicated years of volunteer service and he will be greatly missed by all who had the opportunity to be part of his team!

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