Residential Services and Supports are offered to adults in one of the following ways:

1. Group Living

Is a shared living situation which provides accommodations to people who require 24 hours of care and support. We focus on individual responses and assist people to achieve personal outcomes through the development of a Person-Directed Plan. We provide support and advocacy to ensure their rights and privileges are upheld.

People are provided support in the areas of:
  • Personal Care
  • Budgeting
  • Employment
  • Meal Planning
  • Goal Development
  • Social Activities
Tony and Alan – Intercede International

2. Family Home Share

Provides a full-time living arrangement with a home share provider where each person experiences the benefits of living in a family environment while receiving the individualized supports they need.

3. Supported Living

We offer supports to people who live independently. Services include support that build independence and skills in money management, health and safety, grocery shopping and menu planning, medication and health management, and other activities of daily living. Staff connect people supported to community resources that help develop social relationships and enhance independent living skills.