Community Living – Fort Erie will provide notice to people receiving services, employees and the public when there is a temporary disruption of facilities or services (planned or unexpected) that are usually used by Persons with disabilities at Community Living – Fort Erie.

Where a service disruption is unavoidable Community Living – Fort Erie shall:

  • Post a notice at the location
  • Provide advanced notice, where possible, to all building occupants and/or affected participants using email distribution lists, website, and internal electronic signage 

All service disruption notices will include:

  • Name of the service/event impacted
  • Expected duration of the disruption
  • Any alternate means of accessing the facility of service
  • Who to contact for assistance
  • Any other relevant information for accessing the facility or service

To ensure notification of service disruption, you may request inclusion on a building email list. Individuals can be added to building email distribution lists by contacting: 905-871-6770