When are you going to get yourself a job?

A typical question posed by most parents of adolescents and/or young adults.  The Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Summer Program at Community Living ~ Fort Erie offers a supported employment summer program, addressing pre-employment training and employment opportunities that meet the needs of youth between the ages of 14 and 24 with intellectual disabilities.

Those who show interest in the program and are committed to its objectives, receive pre-employment training so as to become job-ready applicants.  In conjunction, the program links TAY participants with inclusive volunteer experiences, work-training, and/or competitive wage employment positions within the local community with the primary aim of full integration with minimal support. Through the development of TAY Plans this aim is achieved, and each participant is matched to a placement opportunity based on their unique goals and interests.

This year the TAY Program numbers were impressive!  Overall, 21 TAY participants were involved in the program.   Seven TAY participants obtained paid employment, 12 TAY participants received volunteer or work-training positions, and 2 TAY participants solely dedicated their time to pre-employment training.  Thus, 90% of participants acquired work-related experience, and of this 90%, 30% of TAY participants successfully landed a job!  These opportunities would not have been available without our community partners and local employers and we thank you for being part of a TAY participants journey into adulthood!

Marissa Peressotti, TAY Program Coordinator