Congratulations on Ten Years of Volunteer Service:

Pauline Wilson has been an employee of our organization for over 40 years. She works very hard for our organization and is always going above and beyond.  For the past ten years Pauline has been a VERY dedicated member of the volunteer team. She began helping with planning small events us which led to the creation of our Fundraising committee in 2011. She acts as secretary on the committee and assists in many other different capacities, wherever she is needed. Pauline was giving her time to Community Living – Fort Erie long before we formally had a volunteer program. She is a dedicated volunteer who is truly passionate about the work we do in our community!!  Usually before we can ask “who can help” Pauline is already there!!  She is energetic, reliable, selfless and a wonderful team player. Her kind nature  and generous heart make her a true asset to any team and we are very lucky to have her!! Thank you Pauline for your commitment to this organization!!

Congratulations on Five Years of Volunteer Service:

Dee Dee Hayslip: Dee Dee has been a volunteer on our fundraising committee where she began creating the Advertising Programs for our Annual Fundraising Event. We quickly learned Dee Dee was a talented graphic design volunteer and we have utilized her in many other capacities over the past five years. She has completed many administrative tasks for us including designing and publishing our agency Newsletter.  Dee Dee has stepped up on several occasions to help out with different events whenever she has been able to! She is a dedicated Bingo volunteer where her time truly makes a difference for our agency! She is an optimist who brings cheer and positivity everywhere she goes. You have worked so hard for this agency over the past five years Dee Dee and we really want you to know that we truly appreciate your many volunteer contributions.

Bobbie Paonessa: Bobbie began as a member of our fundraising committee and has helped to plan the last five Christmas Around The World Events. She also participates in other volunteer activities in our community as well. Bobbie has helped out at our fundraising BBQ’s, Pasta Nights and she is always eager to assist in any way possible. Bobbie’s dedication to helping out our Bingo’s has ensured success fundraising at these events. Her willingness to jump in and help with any tasks that may arise has opened doors to new experiences and allowed her to make a difference in a variety of ways! Bobbie is confident and energetic in her volunteer role. Thank you Bobbie for your enthusiasm over the past five years!!

Elena Polko: When Elena moved to Fort Erie in 2013 she came to our organization looking for a volunteer position. Elena felt she has had “many blessings in her life” and she wanted to “give back to others” Coming from Russia she was not familiar with the concept of volunteering and she was amazed with the positive results organizations received through volunteer programs in Canada. Elena joined the Fundraising committee and she has made a significant difference through her contributions. She always has a fun and loving spirit. She is always optimistic and positive. She came to our organization with a great sense of commitment hoping to gain experience and friendships. Elena has made many new friends and has grown to be a very important part of our volunteer family!   Thank you for choosing Community Living – Fort Erie Elena. We are very thankful for YOU!!

Nahomie St Armand:  Nahomie came to our organization wanting to help out in one of our Residential locations volunteering directly with the people we support. After volunteering for a while she made a connection with one of the ladies we support and began as a Leisure Buddy. These two ladies have become friends and have enjoyed numerous walks and community activities over the years.  Nahomie is very creative, cheerful and patient. Staff always looks forward to having her visit the residence and her buddy.  Nahomie has also completed many financial reviews for our organization as a third party reviewer on behalf of the agency. Nahomie we appreciate you. Thank you for making a significant difference in the lives of the people we support through your volunteerism!

Sandy Miskolczi: Sandy has been an employee of our agency for years. She began volunteering at our Pasta Nights where she has become a very welcoming and enthusiastic part of the Italo Canadian Club serving team on behalf of Community Living. When Sandy joined the Volunteer Fundraising team she was responsible for planning the menu and food for our Christmas Around The World Event. As a volunteer Sandy has taken on many additional responsibilities over the past five years.  She is always eager to help out whenever possible. She is creative, energetic and has shown great commitment to our volunteer team. Thank you for all you have done through your volunteerism!!