What better way to get things accomplished and benefit the Community then developing partnerships! Community Living – Fort Erie, Nigh’s Sweet Shop and Fort Erie Secondary School are examples of the things that can be accomplished when groups work together.

The Community Living – Fort Erie Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held at the Pomegranate Restaurant at Fort Erie High School on Wednesday May 14th. The Pomegranate Restaurant is a student run enterprise that began in January 2008.  The students of this Program prepared a beautiful buffet dinner for Community Living – Fort Erie volunteers which included a wonderful chocolate fondue and homemade cream puffs for dessert!   What a delicious way to thank our volunteers!!

Nigh’s Sweet Shop of Stevensville reached out to help by covering the cost of the meals for all the volunteers in attendance. Generous Sponsors, like this community minded business owner make it possible for us to say THANK YOU in a wonderful way!!

This year over 400 Non Perishable food items were donated by staff and volunteers of Community Living – Fort Erie to the Community Outreach Program Fort Erie (COPE). This is another example of how organizations joining forces can make a difference for others!!

Thank you to our volunteers for your MANY contributions!!

Years of Volunteer Service

“Now that’s dedication!!”

Congratulations to some very special volunteers who were recognized and celebrated at our Volunteer Appreciation night!

Without the dedication of volunteers who contribute countless hours and many Years of Service we would not be able to complete many community projects or coordinate successful  fundraising events! They give their time to be leaders of our organization, “buddy’s”  to the people we serve, and assist with administrative tasks

Thank you for your years of volunteer service.

John Corney

John Corney: 15+ Years

John has been volunteering with Community Living – Fort Erie for many years. Although he received recognition for fifteen years of service he has been a member of our Board of Directors for over 23 years! This position requires him to remove himself from the Board periodically…. But he keeps coming back to ensure organizational sustainability and growth! John has always been a passionate Board Member who believes in the work of Community Living – Fort Erie. His “Can Do Attitude” has helped to move our organization forward to meet many of our Strategic Plan objectives. John has demonstrated commitment, passion and true dedication!!Thank you John for donating your time to make a difference in our organization and in our community through your volunteerism!

Angie Gavin

Angie Gavin: 10 Years

Angie attended a Volunteer Fair in 2004 looking to give her time and energy to an organization in her community. After researching what volunteer opportunities were available she decided to join our team! Angie has acted as chair of our Volunteer Advisory Committee, Coordinated fundraising events, assisted with Administrative duties and completes individual financial audits for people that we support! Her positive attitude is infectious. She is a leader amongst volunteers and is always willing to lend a supportive “Helping Hand”. It is our privilege to have Angie as a part of our volunteer team.Congratulations and Thank you for serving the people we support for the past ten years!

Helen Conners

Helen Conners: 10 Years

Helen joined our volunteer team ten years ago. She brings a quiet and supportive attitude to every volunteer project she completes. You can always count on Helen to be there to assist with anything that is requested. Helen demonstrates many of the qualities that great volunteers possess. She is patient and kind and always willing to complete any task she is called upon for!Thank you Helen for your many years of service! You have made a difference for many people at Community Living – Fort Erie through your volunteerism!

Sandy Pedersen

Sandy Pedersen: 5 Years

Sandy is a volunteer resource we are very lucky to have. Her enthusiasm and endless energy guarantees she always gets the job done! She has been a leisure buddy, Marketing/Public Relations and Entertainment Chair for our fundraising events. She assists with prize donations and ad sponsorships throughout the year. Sandy’s fun and positive personality makes her a joy to be around! Sandy is always happy and encouraging! She is a delight to work with and has wonderful ideas to share with our organization!Your volunteer contributions are valued and appreciated!

Lisa Glover

Lisa Glover: 5 Years

Lisa was a support staff for twenty years, although she left the organization for other employment, her heart stayed with the people she supported. Lisa has remained with Community Living – Fort Erie as an organizational volunteer for the past five years. She is the first to volunteer for any of our organizational events. She is happy to assist with our Pasta Night Fundraisers and organizational projects. Whenever Lisa is asked to help out she anxiously offers her assistance. We truly value your volunteer contributions and appreciate the many hours that you have contributed! Thank you for staying with us Lisa… you are such an asset!!