Lee Shenstone read an article in the Fort Erie Times highlighting the Community Living~Fort Erie Leisure Buddy Program and made an appointment to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

             Lee has been giving back to the communities where she has lived for many years.  She has volunteered as a Religious Instruction Teacher, as a transporter at Unity Hospital in Rochester NY, completed administrative duties at Grimsby Hospital and helped at the food pantry in Beamsville. Lee has had alot of personal experience  providing special needs assistance and feels she has the time and skills required to be a volunteer of our organization.

As a Leisure Buddy, Lee will be able to share her love of gardening, walking, dancing, riding bikes, reading and baking with a person with similar interests!

Welcome to the Community Living~Fort Erie Volunteer Team!  Thank you for choosing us as the organization that you want to donate your valuable time to!

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