Volunteers Recognized for Years of Service

10 Volunteer Years of Service

bob an maureen


Bob served as a Board Member in 2000-2005 and returned in 2010 until present. In this very important role, Bob has always been able to effectively identify areas of conflict, exercise discretion, and is responsive to Community Living~ Fort Erie’s needs.  He is a strategic thinker and has helped develop and implement two organizational strategic plans. Thank you for your many years of service BOB!!

tom kilner


Tom began as a Board Member in 2002. His passion as Board President for six years inspired others to take up the cause. Tom left the Board in 2012 but his passion and strong belief in our Mission and Vision brought him back to the Board of Directors   table in 2014. Tom is always in touch with our community and is one of our champions for inclusion.   Thank you for your years of service and welcome back…we missed your stories!! 

pam and maureen


Pam Coulthurst accepted a position on the Board of Directors in 2005.  As a Board Member, she has brought many things to the table.  Her positive attitude is contagious, her passion inspiring, and she radiates energy into every activity she is part of.  Pam has served as Board President for the past four years with integrity, dependability, and selflessness. She has served expecting nothing in return and the sincerity she has demonstrated as Board President has enriched the lives of many individuals and families supported by our organization. This year Pam will be leaving the Board of Directors. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you very much Pam for all you have done to make a very significant difference in the lives of the people we support!  YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED!

9 Volunteer Years of Service

elizabeth and maureen


Liz has been a volunteer of Community Living~Fort Erie for the past nine years.   She is always a pleasure to be around and she is an extremely hard worker.  Liz understands that the gift of time is one of the most important gifts a community member can give to an organization. Liz has contributed in many ways, to many people.  As a board member she has dedicated numerous hours to the leadership of our organization and her commitment has been valued and is inspirational. Community Living is very thankful to have had Liz as a part of our volunteer team for the past nine years!            

                           YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED!

5 Volunteer Years of Service

debbie fritz


Debbie began volunteering with Community Living Fort Erie in 2010. She began as a Leisure Buddy with a gentleman in one of our Residential Programs. Her kind, sweet demeanor and gentle personality have endeared her to both staff and people we support over the past 5 years!! Debbie completed her school placement with us in 2014 and continues to volunteer as a Leisure Buddy. Thank you Debbie for being an important part of the Community Living~Fort Erie team and a very special friend to one of the people we support.



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