Tyler Williamson receives Community Inclusion Award 2014

This year Tyler Williamson received this award for “demonstrating leadership” in pursuing Community Living’s vision of “An Inclusive Community That Only Sees Abilities.”  This award is granted to the person on the merits of their progress in self direction, initiative, motivation and personal growth.  Tyler has “demonstrated leadership through his actions and he has educated others on the benefits of including all people in the community.”

Tyler is a young man who finished high school a few years ago. Like many young people after finishing school, he began his quest to find a job he would enjoy. His journey began at Sherwin Williams, but Tyler quickly decided that he did not want to continue working at this company.  Tyler, however, did not give up on his quest.  He was motivated and determined to find meaningful work. An opportunity came up at The Boys and Girls Club of Fort Erie.  They needed someone to clean their building and offices.  Tyler applied and was awarded the job.

Immediately, Tyler was well received and felt welcome in his new position.  He has now been employed at The Boys and Girls Club for two years.

It evident that Tyler has demonstrated leadership through his hard work and dedication to his job.  He has been able to educate his co-workers on the benefits of including all people in the community.  He spends time with his co-workers outside of work hours-going to movies and out for dinner, they have recognized his birthday and chat with him through social media.  His boss Andrew reports that “He is always willing to help out.  He is personable, flexible and gets along with everyone.  I truly appreciate his hard work.”

Congratulations Tyler for your outstanding leadership!

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