Thank You Andrew!

Andrew and Joe

Andrew Nugteren, a student from Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School, completed his co-op placement from October to January.  During his placement he was not only a great support to the staff at Taylor Road, but Joe and Richard truly enjoyed the time he spent at their home!

Some of their favourite past times were working on the computer while laughing, telling stories and joking about the “Buffalo Losers and Toronto Make Me Laughs.”  Not to mention the friendly competition of “Trouble” daily.

Andrew’s site supervisor, Kristin, stated that Andrew was very creative and the residents at Taylor Road looked forward to painting and writing stories with him.  One of the paintings became a Christmas present.  A gift that made a mother extremely happy!  She added “Andrews quick wit and sunny disposition are truly missed.  He was a great help to the staff and had a positive impact on the two men he worked with.”

Richard McKinnon of RCBHS felt the Community Living~Fort Erie placement provided Andrew with an “exceptional learning opportunity”.  With the excellent support and guidance provided by Taylor Road staff he was able to grow and learn in ways that could not be provided at school!  I trust that Andrew will use this valuable experience to springboard him to future success!”

Thank you Andrew!  Good Luck in your pursuit of further education!

Thank You Andrew

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