Robert Wyer receives The Bob Martin Award for “the active role he has played in his community”

This year Robert Wyer received this award for “the active role he has played in his community” He actively participates in community activities and volunteers his time.  As a responsible citizen he has invested in his community by “giving back to the community where he lives”.
Robert Wyer has been a dedicated volunteer at the Last Chance Horse and Pony Rescue for over 3 years. His dedicated service starts at 8:00 in the morning and you can still find Robert at the rescue at 8 o’clock at night 6 days a week.  Robert has many duties that he performs including feeding, watering and cleaning the horses and stalls. Robert successfully completed the Equine first aid course. This enables Robert to deal with injuries to the horses, stabilize a horse until a vet is contacted and arrives as well as minor injuries. Robert also supports 2 horses financially at the farm to ensure that the horses will have hay and feed. Robert is a selfless individual who thinks about the health and wellbeing of animals and is a role model for all people to give of oneself to the dedication of animals. Robert has epitomized the meaning of The Bob Martin Award and is truly deserving of this recognition.  Community Living recognizes and celebrates Robert and his willingness to give back to a community Organization that supports rescue horses.

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