Right in the Thick of Things at Cogeco


After a two month hiatus, Joe is very pleased to be returning to his position as production assistant at Cogeco in Niagara Falls.  Joe has decided to concentrate on the high energy demands of live television.

It is a perfect fit for him to be involved with Kiwanis TV Bingo. This highly successful charity endeavor has been airing since 2002.  Joe’s major responsibility is quality assurance.


He is right in the thick of things in the studio during the live production on Sunday nights.

“Sometimes it gets really intense …I have to keep my eyes open for any mistakes…that’s my job” says Kissmann. “The staff of Cogeco are all friendly, talented pros who expect the best of me. That’s why I’m always early” Joe has caught the broadcasting bug and plans to propose an idea for his own show in the future.

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