• Smiling woman wearing a winter hat and hoodie is standing beside a white horse in a stable.
  • Senior man holds up a sign that says: I am part of a volunteer team raising funds
  • Senior man paying for items at an event
  • Young man holds up a sign that says: I have paid employment at TimberMart
  • A young man stands with a senior male, the owner of TimberMart, they are smiling with their arm around each other's shoulder
  • A young man hold up a sign inside a pet store that says: I work at PetValu and I feel valued
  • A young man who works at PetValu stands beside his manager, a woman. They are both smiling.
  • Three men are sitting together and holding signs that say:I am a valued member of the Intercede International Team
  • A woman stands in her kitchen with a sign that reads: I have become independent in my own home
  • A woman makes herself some tea in her kitchen.
  • A senior woman holds a sign outside her home that reads: I reached my goal of living independently


2017-2018 Community Living ~ Fort Erie
Board of Directors

The 2017-2018 Board of Directors was inducted at our Annual General Meeting
held at Bridgewater Country Club.

Pictured Above: (back row) Sam Curtin of the Ministry of Community & Social Services, Sharon Shlitz, Dean Demazio, Robert Majkut, Anthony Reitboeck, Marilyn Atherton, Chris Beasley, CEO, Community Living Ontario, (front row) Ray Rosettani, Terry Sampson, Sue Doan, Betty Talbot,  Vickie Moreland, Incoming Executive Director, Maureen Brown, Outgoing Executive Director & Pam Coulthurst.


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