• Michael is a delightful young man who really would like to communicate more.  His verbal expressions are characterized by 1-2 word responses to questions with very limited initiation. He is not able to communicate in full sentences. In an effort to increase functional communication with Michael we utilized one of the IPADS provided to our agency through the Ontario Trillium Foundation grant. (OTF)
    Given Michael’s communication level, interest and motivation with electronic devices the ipad seemed like a great device to assist him with functional communication. Michael demonstrated great gross motor and fine motor coordination, and he is able to manually access the electronic device without difficulty. He has tried two Apps called “One Voice Lite” and the other “Tap to Talk”. Michael was able to independently communicate his wants and needs instantly with both Apps.  He frequently accessed the food page and made meal selections among various foods to choose from.  When Michael was asked what he would like to do, he was able to communicate that he wanted to go to the beach for his walk!
    The iPad because of its diversity has provided growth through a variety of applications as Michael’s abilities and interests change. Due to having the IPAD to use Michael was able to demonstrate that he could benefit from having one. He applied to the Inclusive Opportunity Grant and was approved purchase of his own! The opportunity to access this device, due to the generosity of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, has enhanced Michael’s expressive and receptive language skills and significantly improved Michael’s quality of life.

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