Jobs For Youth Partnership Benefits Steven & Community Living~Fort Erie


Steven Parker  joined the team as a maintenance assistant through the Jobs for Youth Program 2015 this summer.

The Jobs For Youth program is for youth between the ages of 15-18 years old who come from a variety of different backgrounds.  This position was fully funded through this program and our organization benefited greatly from Steven’s hard work and enthusiasm.  Steven learned a lot this summer while participating in this very valuable program.   

His commitment was evident in many ways throughout his employment.  He never missed a day of work and was anxious to begin his job every morning.   Steven worked closely with our Maintenance staff members, Mike and Dean to gain new skills and get many jobs completed. Over the months he worked with us, Steven felt he gained greater self-confidence, new employment skills and valuable work ethic.

Great Job Stephen… you will be missed by Community Living~Fort Erie!


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