STAFF AWARD: “The Jacqueline (Jackie) Sandelli Award”– Presented for the First Time

Jackie Sandelli’s husband, Joe and daughter, Amanda present Simon Reeves with the award.

This year’s recipient of the award is Simon Reeves.

Team work requires effective collaboration. Simon works collaboratively with camp staff, professionals, families, co-workers and community groups. He provides support and morale and ensures that each team members role is equally valued. Beyond the collaborations he has been involved in with his role as Family Support Case manager Simon actively participated in two builds for Habitat for Humanity, volunteered for every Helping Hands Community Living has held, coordinated and promoted organizational awareness in the community and led fundraising initiatives for the Summer Camp Program. He consistently finds ways to engage families to support and participate in organizational activities.

Simon is a clear communicator.  He encourages and promotes open communication amongst his teams.

A strong team needs to be able to problem solve. Simon can facilitate conflict resolution within any team he is part of. Others look to Simon for support with problem solving to ensure members can successfully reach the common goal of the team.  He always promotes respect amongst team members and is highly respected by all staff of our organization.  He is also well respected with external professionals and has demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively with Contact Niagara, Complex Special Needs committee, Bethesda and community camp providers.  He is always able to create trust amongst all team members by promoting respect.

Simon has a very positive attitude marked by optimism. He always maintains a positive attitude no matter how much stress or work he encounters. Families speak very highly of Simon.  They appreciate his work ethic, friendliness, supportive nature and his positive demeanor.  Simons attendance impacts our organization positively. He always starts work on time, remains on the job during the workday to complete duties and seldom has he missed a day of work.  He has excellent attendance. Coworkers can always count on Simon because of his dependability, reliability, responsibility, discipline and attendance.

You are very deserving of this award!


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