Community Living Interviews Terry Sampson

Terry Sampson

“I’m on the Board of Directors with Community Living~Fort Erie, and I sit on the Hiring Committee. We do an interview process with potential employees coming in. We sit down with a couple of the managers and ask questions to know if the candidates would be good assets to Community Living~ Fort Erie. I don’t make the final choice, but I have input in the interview process.”

“The Self Advocacy Committee gives people with disabilities a voice. For example, if they have problems at their group home, they’ll come to us, we’ll discuss it as a group and send them down the right avenue to get the problem solved.”

“To me, Community Living means I’m a part of the community. They help me get out there and to explore any activities that might be happening.

“I’m a referee in pro wrestling. I’ve got a lot of matches under my belt, 30 or 40 matches over three or four years. I have refereed great men and women in the sport; they’ve got the passion, the drive, you name it. It’s fascinating refereeing a 300-pound guy versus a 200-pound guy and how it works.”

“They had an independent show – TWA – and they came every other Sunday. I was there watching it and then I started asking questions about how to become a referee.”

“When you first start out [as a referee], it’s intimidating because you don’t know what to expect with the guys or the girls, whoever you’re refereeing. It’s interesting and I’m learning new things every time I’m in the ring.”

“In August, I’ll be heading to Newfoundland. That’s where I’m originally from. I’m going there to visit family and friends because it’s been a while. That’s been one of my dreams, just to get down there to visit them.”

Terry Sampson
President, Advocates in Motion
Self Advocacy Committee Director
Community Living~Fort Erie

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