Celebrating 10 Years of Volunteer Service

Anne Courtney

anne with marissa

Anne has been a volunteer with Community Living~Fort Erie for the past ten years. 

During her first year of volunteering with Community Living Fort Erie Anne quickly realized she wanted to play a more active role directly supporting people within our agency. 

Anne met a young lady named Marissa.  The two quickly developed a friendship.  Anne has been actively involved in Marissa’s life.  They are in involved in numerous activities in the community that support Marissa to be an active member.  The time they spend together has made a significant positive difference in Marissa’s life.

marissa and anne

Anne and Marissa spend “lady time” together doing many of the things Marissa enjoys.  These activities include going for walks, spending time with Anne and her family, going to the movies, shopping, and sometimes just talking.

They have developed a friendship of mutual respect and true admiration for one another.  Despite Anne’s very active life of travelling and volunteering with other organizations, she always finds time to make a difference in the life of her friend.  What started out as a volunteer placement has developed into a relationship that will likely last a lifetime for these two women.

Thank you Anne for the MANY hours you have contributed to make a significant difference in Marissa’s life!!!


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