Community Living~Fort Erie, volunteers and people supported were excited about partnering with Bridgewater Golf & Country Club on our first Mentoring Day.

Bridgewater Golf Members spent the day working side by side, mentoring people we support on the requirements of working at a Golf Course. Through this partnership
participants built skills and met many new people.

The Mentoring Day gave the participants the chance to shine and to prove that they have many abilities. The event was educational for all who participated.

Community Living~Fort Erie participants learned about
potential employment opportunities and developed additional skills. Bridgewater Golf & Country Club members came away with an increased understanding of the abilities of people with intellectual challenges and a commitment to a community that values inclusiveness.

Jobs included Ball Washer, gardens being re-stoned, filling Divots in with mix, painting Ball Washers poles, weeding gardens and
clearing brush along cart paths and bridges.

The day also included having the opportunity to drive the golf carts around the course and all participants enjoyed a lunch hosted by Bridgewater Golf Club.

Many local business’ hire people with intellectual challenges and benefit from the hard work, dedication and commitment they bring to their employers.

Bridgewater Golf & Country Club identified the “wonderful work” that was completed through this valuable day of learning.

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