Brian Halliwell helps Rob get Involved

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“I run a pit crew at Humberstone Speedway.  Sunday, August 17th was a great night for the 47X Race Team. We had Nikki Guyon-Boon and Rob Lamb on the crew! Rob’s dream, was to be able to be part of a crew for a night! When I was approached to support someone to recognize a dream, I said ‘I’d see what I could do’.

What a smile I saw, when I first met one of the most enjoyable characters I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Rob and Nikki were two of the warmest souls I’ve met in a race season in some time. We started 11th in the feature and put her in tech again, finishing a very impressive 5th place. The left front tire went flat   during tech…. Better than during the race….. But there was Rob… Right on the jack to change the tire so we could load the car. Totally would have Rob join us in the pits again!!” Article submitted by Brian Halliwell.

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