I am a single working mom who is extremely appreciative of the opportunities offered to my daughter this summer through the Transitional Age Youth Summer Program. This experience was one of the best summers that my daughter, Swazie has ever had. The experiences she was offered through this program were ones that she has needed since she was 15. This is the first time I have seen her this happy and tired.

She has made new friends, experienced what it is like to volunteer at events, what it is like to get a job and have responsibilities. She is excited now to try new things. This has increased self esteem and it has allowed her to learn what she likes and dislikes and has strengthened her goals for her future.

We really hope that is program runs yearly as it is the best experience that my daughter has had.

She currently attends a fully segregate class at high school and this opportunity has made her see she is capable of more. It has allowed her to experience her community and be a part of it. My daughter had no friends so when she came home and said she made friends you can imagine as a mom how exciting that was. I certainly don’t want to rush things but we are looking forward to what next summer may bring…Bring on Summer 2016!

-Dottie Lauzon

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