A Little Inspiration From Chris Wolfe

I have been in contact with a gentleman that has been allowing Richard and myself access to his beach wheelchair throughout the summer.  His name is Bill.  Bill meets us every time we want to go to the beach, I appreciate so much how Bill takes time out of his day in order to meet us and provide such a wonderful experience for Richard.
I truly mean it is a wonderful experience, almost difficult to describe in words the happiness that overcomes Richard from something as simple as swimming in the lake, and that beach wheelchair gets him there.
Upon entering the water Richard eyes open wide, his movement in the water drives him to test out giant steps, and then the smile from ear to ear as he begins to splash around joyfully.  Witnessing this reaction is a sight to see, I am so thankful that a member of the community was able to help provide this experience for Richard.

– Chris Wolfe

Chris wolfe1 chris wolfe2

Thank you Chris for your submission!  Bill is an inspiration!

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